Our cold pressed juice is never heat pasteurized or HPP’d (High Pressure Processed)! We keep our cold pressed juice just like nature intended it to be – fresh and living - providing all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and “life force” energy our bodies need to thrive and work at their fullest capacities. We all know raw, fresh, fruits and vegetables are healthy and good for us - in fact, our juice is basically a salad in a glass. The only difference between our juice and a salad or a raw piece of fruit is that the fiber has been extracted so the cells of our bodies can radically receive an instantaneous nutritional boost. 

Cold Pressed juice is safe and preferred if you desire to consume the highest, most nutrient dense food possible. If you have eaten a raw apple, eaten a raw salad or you have enjoyed a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice - these items also have not been pasteurized. The reason the government requires pasteurization or HPP’d juice to be wholesaled to grocery stores is because it prolongs the shelf life and also because it kills bacteria. The problem with this - is it also kills the enzymes, which are very important in helping us digest food. It also reduces vitamins and minerals and kills the beneficial bacteria that our guts desperately need. This is why we never pasteurize or HPP our juices, but we do utilize very strict cleaning and soaking practices to make sure any external environmental bacteria from the outside of the produce is removed, while we maintain the internal healthy and beneficial bacteria that naturally occurs inside living, fresh, raw fruits & vegetables. Doctors are now discovering that a healthy digestive system equals a healthy immune system, which is key to good health! For governmental purposes, we have included a disclaimer for you to read below:

The Vin’tij Juicery has not been approved by the FDA for healing purposes. All information provided is intended to encourage research and provide an informative basis for you to ask questions to your holistic and medical care professionals. Vin’tij Food & Wine is NOT licensed to practice medicine, and we do NOT give medical advice or diagnose conditions. We can only share with you proven health benefits and the nutritional value of whole, natural foods. If you need medical advice please seek out a professional, holistic, nutritionist or a holistic medical doctor.

It is always advisable to seek out professional, holistic medical advice prior to initiating any kind of new diet. Therefore, the Vin’tij Juicery advises you to talk to your holistic, medical health care practitioners prior to purchasing any of our cold pressed, non-pasteurized raw juice cleanse packages.

Vin’tij juices & smoothies have not been pasteurized and, therefore, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems. We practice very strict hygienic juice bar practices by soaking and scrubbing all produce in a natural antimicrobial solution, we deep clean and sanitize our cold press juice machine every 4 hours and we also produce and store all of our cold pressed juices in a temperature controlled refrigerated room. Please keep all food purchased from the Vin’tij Juicery refrigerated under 40 degrees. Our juices are made fresh daily and should be consumed within 72 hours of the date stamped on the bottle.